Education 2014 Art Diploma Wiener Kunstschule | Graduation with great success2011 Kunstschule Vienna | Class: Ceramics2008

Solo exhibitions
2023 „analog.apo” | Gallery Suzy Shride (AT) (upcoming)2022 „Mein Mann Martin” | Volksbühne Pavillion (D) 2020 „POWER AND PRIVILEGE “ | Brunnenpassage Wien (AT) 2012 „spring to fall - springe um zu fallen“ | Gallerie Freiflaeche (AT)2012 „AB - a photo exhibition“ | Werk (AT)2012 „Rwanda - photo exhibition“ | Werk (AT)  Group exhibitions 2023 „Boliden” | Volksbühne Pavillion (D) 2022 „Philipa” | Foto Wien (AT) 2020 „OFF GRID” | Independent Fotofestival Wien (AT)2020 „POWER AND PRIVILEGE “ | Brunnenpassage Wien (AT) (upcoming)2020 „… von Brot, Wein, Autos, Sicherheit und Frieden“ | Kunsthalle (AT)2015 „BUSK: Look at Me Now“ | Inoperable Gallery2015 „Love with me, talk with me, walk me.“ | well well well (AT)2014 „exit 14: ...Sichtbar“ | Künstlerhaus Wien (AT)2013 „un|konkret“ | Gallerie Freiflaeche (AT)
Künstlerische Kooperationen

2022/23 „halbtoter salon“ Lydia Haider2021/22 „Toter Salon“ Sophia Süßmilch, Lydia Haider2020 „Dengvid20“ Verena Dengler2019 „Aufschnitte“ Sophia Süßmilch2018 „Gebirgskrieg“  Erinnern Gailtal  Publications 2021 „Z.A.M.G.“ | PERIOD. Magazine2020 „DENGVID20“ | Ausstellungkatalog Verena Dengler/Secession (AT)2020 „Aufschnitte“ | Famous Worldwide: Sophia Süßmilch (D,AT)2019 „Wiener Grippe/KW77 - Zypern“ | Frankfurter Allgemeine Quarterly (D)  Nominations 2016 New York Film Week Official Selection | USA2016 Berlin Short Film Festival Official Selection | DE

Apollonia T. Bitzan is a Vienna-born artist whose body of work encompasses photography, performance, and video. Initially focusing on digital techniques, she quickly gained recognition for her ability to capture the essence of women through her portraiture. Bitzan's portraits establish a moment of mutual trust between herself and her subjects, resulting in intimate images that reveal the complexities of their personalities and experiences.In 2019 Bitzan's artistic trajectory took a turn as she became enamored with the nuances of analog aesthetics and workflow, rejecting the notion of sterility or cleanness in favor of capturing hysteric(al) moments and emotions.Her commitment to feminist principles is evident in her work. Through her photographic documentation as beeing part of Vienna's art scene, Bitzan challenges the cis-male perspective and redefines what it means to be a female artist in today's society. Bitzan's participation in this radical feminist community has grown beyond the boundaries of patriarchal stereotypes and has given rise to a new era of matriarchal queer utopia/dystopia.Having extended her practice to Berlin, Bitzan now resides and works in both Vienna and Berlin, with a particular focus on the surroundings of Volksbühne Berlin. Her collaborations with esteemed artists such as Sophia Süßmilch, Stefanie Sargnagel, and Lydia Haider speak to her ability to connect with other creatives and form alliances that strengthen the feminist movement.